Code of Conduct

Pre book your class on - Terms & Conditions

By pre booking a class I hereby agree to the following terms and conditions. I am aware that persistent failure to adhere to these rules could result in termination of my membership -Bookings can only be made by active members of the Combat Sports Centre -Bookings can be made no more than 7 days in advance -Bookings can not me made less than 1 hour before the class -Please only book using the booking system. Please do not attempt to book by email, SMS, phone or social media message -
Members unable to attend a class must cancel using the booking system.
Please do not attempt to cancel by email, SMS, phone or social media message
Please register using the email address you gave us when you joined the Combat Sports Centre

Any Important events/ information relating to this club will be communicated using social media tools. We strongly encourage all of our members to do at least one of the following: 'like' the Combat Sports Centre facebook page Follow the gym on twitter @mayorofhobsmoat

When entering the centre, anybody participating in exercise must swipe their card under the scanner, then select their name on the touch screen. In the event that they forget their card, they must sign their name in the book, stating their membership level i.e. Champion (CH) or contender (CO). Members must arrive at the centre prior to commencement of the lesson. In the event that a member arrives late, they must seek the permission of the instructor to join the class.

Permission is granted at the instructor's discretion. On Kickboxing classes, regulation uniform must be worn. The uniform should fit correctly, be clean and in a good state of repair. Non-members should attend wearing suitable sportswear. On boxing and fitness classes, no outdoor footwear is to be worn on the matted area. Boxing boots or other suitable indoor training shoes are permitted. Members using the fitness suite or on open training must only perform exercises/ techniques taught to them by a competent instructor.

Any equipment must be returned/ tidied away after use. Members using the fitness suite whilst a class is in progress can only do so at the instructor's discretion. They must be considerate of those training on the class and must not make excessive noise. Jewellery must not be worn for any classes, nails must be kept short. Smoking, food, fizzy drinks and chewing gum are not permitted anywhere on the premises. Full protective equipment must be worn for any sparring activity. Only protective equipment approved by the Combat Sports Centre can be worn. It is advisable to purchase all equipment from the pro shop at the centre to guarantee this approval.

Any person using the Combat Sports Centre must never act in a manner that may be detrimental to the health, safety, comfort or physical condition of the other members, our employees, agents or sub-contractors. The Combat Sports Centre is proud to be a family orientated club. All members should act responsibly at all times by avoiding using inappropriate or offensive language. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in immediate action being taken. Our Health & Safety and Safeguarding policies are available on request.