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Honour Roll

To reach to standard required to gain your black belt within the International Kickboxing Academy takes years of dedication and hard work. It’s seen as the ultimate goal for many kickboxers.

As with the “Students of the Year”, students who obtain their black belts have their names listed on our website.


Black Belt Honours

2016: Haneef Grillo (1st dan)

2016: Matthew Forrest (1st dan)

2015: Robert Lack (1st Dan)

2015: Abi Elbuka (1st Dan)

2015: Dennis Morris (1st Dan)

2014: Ethan Cooper (1st Dan)

2014: Joe Dadson (1st Dan)

2013: Nathan Pugsley (1st Dan)

2013: Anthony Cridland (1st Dan)

2013: Amy Love (1st Dan)

2013: Josh Haywood (1st Dan)

2013: Winston Nelson (2nd Dan)

2011: Tom Thornton (1st Dan)

2011: Emma Eyre (1st Dan)

2011: Guillaume Mascolo (1st Dan)

2011: Callum Hawthorn (2nd Dan)

2011: Tom Carrol (2nd Dan)

2011: Phil Peverelle (2nd Dan)

2009: Mitchell Coleman (1st Dan)

2009: Steph Greenway (1st Dan)

2007: Callum Hawthorn (1st Dan)

2007: Tom Carrol (1st Dan)

2007: Phil Peverelle (1st Dan)


Students of the Year

2015: Jake Durkin

2014: Megan McCarron

2013: Matthew Forrest

2012: Matthew Reynolds

2011: Arun Sharma

2010: Michael Dugmore

2009: Matthew Tracey

2008: Nathan Pugsley

2007: Steph Greenway

2006: Dave Dadson

2005: Harvey Wright

2004: Harvey Wright

2003: Dennis Morris